At our Kids Ministry, our mission is to provide a safe, nurturing, and engaging environment where children can grow in their faith, develop a personal relationship with God, and discover their unique gifts and abilities. We are committed to partnering with parents and guardians to equip children with a solid biblical foundation and a Christ-centered worldview. Through age-appropriate teaching, creative activities, and intentional discipleship, we aim to foster spiritual growth, character development, and a love for God's Word. Our goal is to empower children to impact their families, schools, communities, and the world with the love and truth of Jesus Christ. We strive to create a vibrant and inclusive community where every child feels valued, loved, and encouraged to live out their God-given purpose.

What your child will learn
  1. Bible Stories: Children learn about famous stories from the Bible, such as the creation of the world, Noah's ark, Moses and the Ten Commandments, David and Goliath, the birth of Jesus, the crucifixion, and the resurrection.

  2. Characters of the Bible: Children study key figures in the Bible, including Adam and Eve, Abraham, Joseph, Moses, King David, Solomon, the prophets, and the apostles.

  3. Parables and Teachings of Jesus: Children learn about the parables shared by Jesus, such as the Good Samaritan, the Prodigal Son, and the Parable of the Sower. They also explore Jesus' teachings, including the Sermon on the Mount and the Golden Rule.

  4. Christian Values: Children are taught important Christian values such as love, kindness, forgiveness, honesty, generosity, and compassion.

  5. Prayer and Worship: Children learn about prayer and its significance in the Christian faith. They are taught different types of prayers, such as praise, thanksgiving, intercession, and confession. They may also participate in worship activities, including singing hymns and songs.

  6. Christian Holidays and Celebrations: Children are educated about various Christian holidays like Christmas and Easter, understanding their historical and religious significance.

  7. Christian Traditions and Sacraments: Children will learn about biblical traditions, such as baptism and communion. They gain an understanding of the rituals and practices associated with these sacraments.

  8. Christian Morality and Ethics: Children explore ethical issues from a Christian perspective, learning about concepts like honesty, integrity, respecting others, and making ethical choices.

All Students will receive a valid certificate at the completion of course. This is a virtual learning and a virtual graduation as well.