Fiscal Year and Quarterly Programs Overview- Our ministry's fiscal year runs from January 3rd to December 22nd.

This is an overview of how we operate as a ministry. This is applicable to all 6 missions under the umbrella of Gods Love Christian Ministries.



1ST-3RD of every new month. (Apart from January and July, when we embark on 12 days)


Quarterly Breakdown:

  1. 1st Quarter (Jan to Mar): Activating the Covenant

    • Time: January to March

  2. 2nd Quarter (Apr to Jun): Enforcing God's Order

    • Time: April to June

  3. 3rd Quarter (Jul to Sep): The Power of Prophecy

    • Time: July to September

  4. 4th Quarter (Oct to Dec): Building the Ark

    • Time: October to December

Program Highlights:

  1. Activating the Covenant (1st Quarter):

    • "Activating the Covenant" is a program designed to kickstart the new year with spiritual focus and alignment. The initiative involves a 12-day period of fasting and prayers, commencing from January 3rd through January 12th. The significance of the number 12 is emphasized, drawing parallels with remarkable events in scriptures that highlight the covenant associated with this number. The belief is rooted in biblical references that underscore the importance of the number 12. Examples from scriptures

    • Jesus was taken to the Temple at the first time for Passover at the age of 12, Luke 2 vs 42.

    • Jesus had 12 disciples.

    • There are 12 tribes of Israel.

    • Joshua by inspiration commanded, that 12 stones be taken from the middle of river Jordan- Joshua 4 vs 3.

    • After the miraculous feeding of the 5 thousand men besides women and children, 12 baskets of fragments where gathered- Matthew 14 vs 20.

    • John the beloved, by the spirit saw 12 gates with 12 angels, and on the gate was written the names of the 12 tribes of Israel- Revelation 21 vs 12.

    • There were 12 stones on the breast plate of the priest- Exodus 28 vs 21.

    • Per theology there are 12 historical books of the bible. Joshua, Judges, Ruth, Esther, 1st and Samuel, 1st and 2nd Kings, 1st and 2nd Chronicles, Ezra and Nehemiah.

      This dedicated period of fasting and prayers is considered a foundational step to set us and the ministry on the right path for the new year. Additionally, the program extends beyond the initial 12 days, encompassing various activities and programs throughout the quarter to further strengthen and guide individuals for a successful year ahead.

  2. Enforcing God's Order (2nd Quarter):

    • Enforcing God's Order is a transformative program designed to remind believers of their divine responsibility to uphold the order set by God since the beginning of creation. Rooted in the belief that God made man and granted him authority and control over all things, this initiative seeks to empower Christians to understand and enforce the divine order in their lives and communities. Throughout the second quarter, the program will offer a series of impactful events, teachings, and activities aimed at equipping participants with the knowledge and spiritual tools necessary to actively enforce God's order.

      Foundational Beliefs:

      The program is founded on the biblical principle that God has ordained a specific order in creation, and He has placed mankind in a position of authority. The scriptures teach that God's order establishes harmony, justice, and righteousness. Through Enforcing God's Order, participants will delve into biblical teachings that emphasize the importance of recognizing and embracing the authority given to them by God.

      Program Highlights:

      1. Doctrinal Teachings: Engaging and informative teachings will explore the theological foundations of God's order. Topics such as divine authority, stewardship, and the responsibilities of believers in upholding God's order will be covered. Participants will gain a deep understanding of their role in maintaining the harmony God intended for the world.

      2. Empowerment Workshops: Practical workshops will equip Christians with the skills and tools needed to enforce God's order in their personal lives, families, workplaces, and communities. These workshops may cover areas such as leadership, decision-making, and conflict resolution from a biblical perspective.

      3. Prayer and Spiritual Warfare Training: Recognizing the spiritual dimension of enforcing God's order, the program will include sessions on prayer and spiritual warfare. Participants will learn how to engage in effective, strategic prayer to overcome spiritual opposition and ensure the establishment of God's order in every aspect of their lives.

      4. Community Outreach and Service Projects: Enforcing God's Order extends beyond individual lives to impact communities. Participants will engage in service projects that reflect God's love and justice, contributing to positive transformation in their neighborhoods and society at large.

      5. Testimonials and Shared Experiences: Personal testimonies and shared experiences will be integral to the program, allowing participants to witness the real-life impact of enforcing God's order. This communal sharing fosters a sense of unity and encourages believers to continue applying biblical principles in their daily lives.

  3. The Power of Prophecy (3rd Quarter):

    • The power of prophecy holds a significant place in many religious and spiritual traditions, emphasizing the act of forth-telling and speaking the words of the divine. Prophecy involves declaring God's word as it has been revealed, affirming the promises and realities outlined in sacred texts. For Christians, the practice of prophecy plays a crucial role in aligning believers with God's intentions for their lives.

      As we enter the third quarter of the year, there is a heightened focus on aligning Christians with the specific revelations and promises God has spoken over their lives. This alignment is facilitated through various programs and activities that spring forth from the power of prophecy. These programs are designed to create a space for believers to reflect on, receive, and activate the prophetic words spoken over them.

      The power of prophecy serves as a source of guidance, encouragement, and empowerment for Christians, reminding them of their divine purpose and destiny. Through the declaration of God's word, believers are encouraged to walk in faith, trust in the promises laid out for them, and navigate challenges with confidence.

      Various church events, conferences, and gatherings during the third quarter are strategically organized to provide opportunities for believers to immerse themselves in the power of prophecy. These events often feature prophetic teachings, prayer sessions, and moments of reflection to deepen the connection between individuals and the divine plan for their lives.

      Ultimately, the power of prophecy is seen as a dynamic force that not only reveals God's will but also empowers believers to live in accordance with that will. It is a reminder of the faithfulness of God and an invitation for Christians to actively participate in the fulfillment of the divine purpose for their lives.

  4. Building the Ark (4th Quarter):

    • "Building the Ark" is a strategic and intentional program organized during the fourth quarter of the year, designed to serve as a preparatory platform for the upcoming year. This initiative encompasses a comprehensive approach, focusing on self-preparation, ministerial readiness, and preparation in all facets of life.

      Drawing inspiration from the biblical story of Noah building an ark to protect himself and others from impending destruction, the program underscores the importance of proactive and targeted preparation. Participants engage in intentional activities and training sessions tailored to enhance their spiritual, personal and professional capacities.

      The emphasis is not solely on individual growth but extends to ministerial development, recognizing the interconnectedness of personal and professional spheres. This holistic approach acknowledges that success in the coming year is contingent on deliberate efforts in multiple areas of life.

      "Building the Ark" serves as a reminder that preparation is not a one-size-fits-all endeavor. Tailoring efforts to specific needs and challenges ensures a more resilient foundation for the future. By investing time and energy in intentional preparation, participants aim to create a shield against potential setbacks and challenges in the year ahead.

      The program encourages a mindset of continuous improvement and lifelong learning. Through workshops, seminars, and reflective exercises, participants refine their skills, strengthen their resolve, and fortify their spiritual and mental well-being. Ultimately, the goal is to equip individuals with the tools and mindset needed to navigate the uncertainties of the future with confidence and resilience.

      In summary, "Building the Ark" is a forward-thinking program that embraces the principles of intentional preparation across various aspects of life. By dedicating the fourth quarter to focused development, participants seek to construct a metaphorical ark that will carry them through the challenges and opportunities of the coming year.

This quarterly approach allows us to focus on specific themes and objectives, ensuring a well-rounded and purposeful ministry experience throughout the fiscal year.

As we embark on this new fiscal year, let us continue to work together, inspired by the vision and mission of our ministry. Your dedication and commitment are essential to the success of each program and the overall impact of our ministry.

Thank you for your ongoing support, and I look forward to the exciting journey that awaits us in the coming year.